Feeling 25 years of thankful

I feel 25 years of thankful.  My birthday extravaganza of a weekend has come and gone, and what remains is an overwhelming feeling of gratitude that I was just able to experience the weekend that I did. I came back from my weekend filled with the best of friends, good food, sweet drinks, and incredible… Continue reading Feeling 25 years of thankful


When in doubt, I visit NYC

I actually cannot believe it has been a whole week since I last posted. Time flies when you’re escaping your problems by crashing with a friend in New York! On a serious note, my week in New York actually felt like a vacation (It wasn’t, though. I worked my normal work schedule). I was able… Continue reading When in doubt, I visit NYC


The good and the bad — it’s all part of life

The winter is going by so fast. We are already more than half way through February and while I am shocked, I can’t be mad. Each day that passes means we are getting closer to summer! And if you know me, you know I thrive during that season. With how fast time is going by,… Continue reading The good and the bad — it’s all part of life


Do You Know Who Your Real Friends Are?

Friendship is a topic I have previously talked about on here. It’s something I thought about a lot as I graduated from school and prepared to officially start my career. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: I have some of the best, most loyal friends. However, I don’t think that’s too… Continue reading Do You Know Who Your Real Friends Are?


Advice from Someone Who is Done with School Forever

Last year I urged people to explore the unknown, work relentlessly towards their goals and to never forget to have fun. That was after I completed my bachelor’s degree at Hofstra University. Now, I have finished the master’s portion of my education, and I am officially done with school forever (insert long breath of relief… Continue reading Advice from Someone Who is Done with School Forever


A Reflection on 4 Years of University

You are now reading a post from a Hofstra University alumna and holder of a Bachelor of Journalism degree. I am usually decent at putting my feelings into a post, which is why I have a “Thoughts” section on this blog. Honestly, though, how am I supposed to put into words how I feel about… Continue reading A Reflection on 4 Years of University


Feeling 22

I never thought turning 22 in America could beat turning 21 in Australia, but it may have happened. How? Well, as I mentioned in my “21” post last year, I am one of the luckiest girls in the world because I have some of the best friends (and family) around. Despite the birthday night out… Continue reading Feeling 22

Australia, Thoughts

Australia: One Year Later

It has been exactly one year since I landed in Perth, Australia to study abroad. When I realized this, I could not believe the anniversary had snuck up so soon. It seems as if I have been in a state of longing for clear waters rolling onto sandy shores, ginormous waves crashing on towering rock… Continue reading Australia: One Year Later


Oz: Week 12 of Classes

This week proved how small the world really is. I was able to spare a night from my university work Wednesday and spend time with a friend I met in Berlin last summer. He showed me around the less touristy party of Northbridge, which is a neighborhood of Perth. I felt lucky to be able… Continue reading Oz: Week 12 of Classes


All Things in Life are Temporary

2016 was a whirlwind of a year. I’ve said it. We’ve all said it, for better or for worse. As I mentioned earlier, I was really trying to change my lifestyle a bit when I first got into college. I have really worked on who I am and achieving the life I want to see… Continue reading All Things in Life are Temporary