I turned 26! A recap of my birthday

Where do I even begin? I am usually so on top of my birthday posts, and now we are in the final days of May and I just finally got myself to write something out. I think it’s because I was waiting for the important rush of inspiration to come to me that I usually… Continue reading I turned 26! A recap of my birthday


25th Birthday Vlog

Last week, I wrote a heartfelt post about how thankful I was for experiencing such an incredible 25th birthday weekend. This week, I want to show you it. While the video is definitely not as detailed as I had originally planned, I hope you enjoy the sights you do get to see — from Brooklyn… Continue reading 25th Birthday Vlog


Feeling 25 years of thankful

I feel 25 years of thankful.  My birthday extravaganza of a weekend has come and gone, and what remains is an overwhelming feeling of gratitude that I was just able to experience the weekend that I did. I came back from my weekend filled with the best of friends, good food, sweet drinks, and incredible… Continue reading Feeling 25 years of thankful


Thoughts on Turning 25

When I said last week that I would update you on how I feel about turning 25 (on May 2), I thought I would be writing some emotional post about how I don’t feel ready to enter the second half of my 20s and think time needs to slow down. Surprisingly, I feel content.  The… Continue reading Thoughts on Turning 25


Come spend a day in my life with my BFF

Well friends of the blogosphere, as promised last week, I have released a new video on YouTube. The video (found at the end of this post) is not very representative of a normal Saturday for me, which is why I thought it would be fun to film. It was a packed April Saturday and you’ll… Continue reading Come spend a day in my life with my BFF


Feeling 22

I never thought turning 22 in America could beat turning 21 in Australia, but it may have happened. How? Well, as I mentioned in my “21” post last year, I am one of the luckiest girls in the world because I have some of the best friends (and family) around. Despite the birthday night out… Continue reading Feeling 22


2 Years of Whitmanythoughts

Happy second birthday to Sarawhitmanythoughts! It has been an enriching 12 months even if I cannot say I have been traveling all over the world for the last year. Even without international voyages, I still kept up with this blog after leaving all social media last summer and then jumping right back into a busy… Continue reading 2 Years of Whitmanythoughts


Oz: Birthday Week

The last few days I have felt nothing but loved and lucky. Turning 21 is a time I will never forget. I started the celebration by heading to the beach Monday. I was supposed to go Tuesday, on my actual birthday, but we had a feedback session with the vice president of AIFS to attend.… Continue reading Oz: Birthday Week


Thoughts on Turning 21

I remember turning 10 years old and having my mom say, “You’ll be in double digits for the rest if your life!” I thought that was scary. I recall becoming a teenager and having some friends over for some Wii Olympics. I remember deciding whether or not I should have a sweet 16. Turning 18… Continue reading Thoughts on Turning 21