When in doubt, I visit NYC

I actually cannot believe it has been a whole week since I last posted. Time flies when you’re escaping your problems by crashing with a friend in New York! On a serious note, my week in New York actually felt like a vacation (It wasn’t, though. I worked my normal work schedule). I was able… Continue reading When in doubt, I visit NYC


A Reflection of My Blog 2.0

I am laughing at myself for calling my blog “mediocre” last year. I mean, it still is, but guess what—it is still making me happy! Like I said in my “reflection” post that I wrote just over a year ago, I have thought about changing my blog into a “.com,” but I decided against it.… Continue reading A Reflection of My Blog 2.0


Fall Concert Series 2.0: Tash Sultana

I am no longer physically in Australia, but I would like to say my trip was extended until October 5th, when I saw Melbourne native Tash Sultana perform at The Brooklyn Steel. After falling in love with her music and seeing her at Groovin’ the Moo music festival in Australia last semester, my roommate Sierra… Continue reading Fall Concert Series 2.0: Tash Sultana

New York

Lake George: Good Eats

The only thing that motivated me through the whirlwind of September was my weekend getaway to Lake George at the end of the month. It was an extra special trip because my mom and step-dad let me come along with them and helped me surprise my grandparents and aunt. The astonishment on their faces when… Continue reading Lake George: Good Eats


Fall Concert Series: Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood has the most effortless voice in the world. You won't catch me listening to country music very often, but Carrie is an exception to all the laws of the universe. Honestly, she might not even be human; she is more like an angel. I recall my nine-year-old self watching Carrie on American Idol and rooting… Continue reading Fall Concert Series: Carrie Underwood


MTV Video Music Awards 2016: FAQs

Almost two weeks have passed since I experienced the most insane show of my life: the MTV 2016 Video Music Awards. I have been asked a decent amount of questions about my dream night, so I thought it would be beneficial to address them here for any other curious readers. How was it? Obviously it was… Continue reading MTV Video Music Awards 2016: FAQs