Oz Through Sara’s Eyes: O-Week

The time I have been so excited for since I first started rolling out videos from Australia is finally here…I am posting my videos for public viewing! I have had some of these videos completed for over a year now, so you can imagine how much suspense has built up to show people my experiences through motion picture.

The first video to my “Oz Through Sara’s Eyes” series is about orientation week, or “O-Week.” This is a week prior to the start of classes, when students are learning about the rules and expectations of dorm and university life. The week also included many trips, such as a beach visit, a night tour and a wildlife park adventure.

I remember being so confused my first two days at Murdoch, and then slowly learning information and acclimating to my new life. I would take two weeks’ worth of confusion if it meant going back to my parallel universe.

I hope you enjoy my videos as much as I enjoyed shooting and editing them!


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