Hello and thank you for stumbling upon my blog! If you’ve made it to this page, I guess you’re wondering who the girl is sitting behind the “publish” button.

I like to say my heart is scattered all around the world, and you’ll see that here. I have a lot of thoughts and things to share from travel to entertainment and beyond.

To make it brief, I am a New Jersey native (and proud of it!). I grew up at the Jersey Shore, where as a kid I loved exploring new opportunities and staying active. From sailing, playing soccer and joining Girl Scouts, among other activities as a child, to playing field hockey, dabbling in theater, becoming a school mascot and more as a teen, I did whatever I could get my hands into.

That didn’t change much once I went to college at Hofstra University in New York. During my time as a journalism major, I was in a sorority, a pre-professional fraternity, I joined my school’s radio and television stations, I wrote for Her Campus, I held multiple internships and most importantly, I started this blog.

I just graduated from Hofstra with my master’s degree in journalism and began a whole new life for myself out in Los Angeles, California as a production assistant in the entertainment industry.

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So why do I have a travel blog when I want to do entertainment? I have always been wanderlust. As a kid, I apparently begged my grandparents to take me to Paris after becoming obsessed with the Phantom of the Opera movie. Once I finally made it to Paris, I was hooked on seeing new places.

I have made it my goal to take any travel opportunity—whether it’s to a new state or a new country. Nothing invigorates me more than seeing new places, trying different things and learning about the people, history and culture of an unfamiliar place.

I was unbelievably fortunate to have studied abroad twice (in Italy and Australia) as an undergraduate, and also make time for some other adventures along the way. Now, as I enter the workforce, I know there will be much stronger restrictions on my ability to get up and go, but that won’t dull my aspiration to see and do.

My mantra through this all has been “Remember where you come from, but don’t forget where you’ve been.” I hope these words settle well with and inspire you.

So welcome to my special place that holds all my recent travel memories and deep thoughts. It’s my home here and you are always invited.

Twitter: @Sara_Whitman

Instagram: @sarawhitmanythoughts