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10 songs to help cure your coronavirus blues

We are over six months into the coronavirus pandemic, and while we still can’t do most things we wish we were doing, there is something that we can still experience: music. Luckily for us, artists haven’t shied away from releasing new tunes, and even treating fans to live-streamed concerts. Working from home has given me… Continue reading 10 songs to help cure your coronavirus blues


How to keep the ideal people in your life according to Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus recently stopped by the Call her Daddy podcast as she promoted her new single “Midnight Sky.” As you can imagine, they talked about everything under the sun from family and love to sex and drugs. I was really intrigued to hear the former Disney star’s take on relationships, both intimate and platonic. During the discussion,… Continue reading How to keep the ideal people in your life according to Miley Cyrus

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What is revenge travel and will you partake?

If there is one thing we learned during the coronavirus pandemic, it’s that Americans don’t like feeling trapped (i.e., protests against masks, flocking to bars as soon as they open and so on). America is still facing rising cases throughout the country and the uncertainty of when any sort of entertainment will return to “normal” is consequently… Continue reading What is revenge travel and will you partake?


25 fun self-care ideas during the pandemic

With so much, yet so little going on right now, you might be getting tired of the usual pandemic self-care tips that people on the Internet and our TV screens have generously afforded us. Have you re-watched Gossip Girl once or twice? Have you done the same hike five times? Do you need a new way to… Continue reading 25 fun self-care ideas during the pandemic


What is social media activism and why it’s not just “trendy”

Social media has blossomed from a platform that was once used as a new, exciting way to say “hello” into a far-reaching internet landscape. The sharing of the political, economic and social happenings occurring in your own environment or that of others hoping to make a positive impact can be called social media activism, cyberactivism or digital… Continue reading What is social media activism and why it’s not just “trendy”


Why Taking Photos is Important

“Millenials only see things through the lens of their cameras.” “Why don’t kids put down their cameras and live in the moment?” These are statements I’m sure most of us have heard or even thought—I can say I’ve done both. I actually just read an opinion article that determined that younger generations on their phones… Continue reading Why Taking Photos is Important

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What is “Adventure,” Really?

Hello, friends! Today I want to talk about a revelation I had about something I mentioned a few weeks back: adventure.   What is adventure? According to Merriam-Webster, it’s  an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks;an exciting or remarkable experience;an enterprise involving financial risk I want to focus on the first and second definitions.  An… Continue reading What is “Adventure,” Really?


It’s the Last Day of July

Congratulations! If you you’re reading this, you have made it through another month of a (somewhat worldwide, mostly United States) pandemic. How exciting! My excitement is actually quite surprising to me, because in my last "It's the" post I said didn’t know when I would write again due to my lack of excitement. I also… Continue reading It’s the Last Day of July


Thoughts on Taylor Swift’s New Album “folklore”

In case you haven’t heard, Taylor Swift surprised fans Thursday morning with a new album announcement. I immediately freaked out and wrote about it, but I knew there was no way I would stay up until midnight to listen, considering my lack of sleep from the night before. However, my excitement got the best of… Continue reading Thoughts on Taylor Swift’s New Album “folklore”


Entertainment News Rundown: July 23

Thursday was an enormous day in the entertainment world. Between surprise music, new content, an engagement and more, fans around the globe were exuding excitement for their respective celebrity idols. There was so much going on, I thought I should commemorate the busy day by putting it all down in one post. Let’s dive in.… Continue reading Entertainment News Rundown: July 23