Ike Rhein Stands Up For Himself in “Violin”

Coming off his heartbreak anthem “Messed It Up,” Ike Rhein is giving himself a hard look in the mirror.

The Michigan-born pop singer has released his second single of 2022, titled “Violin.” The song is all about realizing you need to love yourself first before loving someone else, a message touched in “Messed It Up,” which has amassed more than 1.5 million streams across Spotify and YouTube since its January release.

“The song captures the turning point in life where a person starts to notice their self-worth and self-value,” Rhein explained. “It shows that the best way to see value in other people is to build value in yourself.” 

Paige Young (@apaigephotography)

In “Violin,” Rhein regretfully tells a girl he gave her everything he had, even when it made him feel insane. He realized his constant devotion wasn’t enough and now feels the need to get back to being true to himself. “You know I loved your family but I gotta burn the bridges / Every time open up here but you don’t wanna listen / And I won’t hesitate now girl I swear that we are finished,” he emotionally belts over a somber, but catchy melody.

“Violin” continues Rhein’s streak of breakup and relationship-oriented songs. Previously, Rhein told Sarawhitmanythoughts he hopes to release music that connects with his fans. “We all are going through things whether it be a breakup … or just hardship in general,” he noted. 

A music video accompanies “Violin” and shows the ups and downs of the relationship Rhein is leaving. At the beginning of the video, Rhein’s love interest sets fire to a violin and it burns throughout the song, symbolizing the breakdown of the romance. 

Check out the music video for “Violin” below and learn more about Ike Rhein here.


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