Come spend a snowed-in weekend with me

The most exciting thing about getting a huge snowstorm is being able to play in the fresh snow. Right behind that, though, is using it as an excuse to stay in cuddled up with your dogs. And your boyfriend, I guess (Kidding, of course. My boyfriend rocks).

Anyway, it snowed in New Jersey at the end of January more than I can remember it snowing in quite some time. So, I decided to get snowed in with my pups and my very supportive and loving significant other, Marcus. It was one of the best ideas ever!

Despite going on a television diet in January, we used the cold weather as a fair enough excuse to watch the last three Star Wars movies. We also did one of our favorite things and cooked a really tasty breakfast together consisting of eggs, bacon, and chocolate chip pancakes (because plain is lame), played a hilarious card game with my family, shot some thrifting content for my Instagram page, and of course, played in the snow like we were school kids on a snow day.

We also vlogged the weekend, which you can see here. Enjoy!


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