Brenzy Releases New R&B Daydream Anthem “brunch”

Los Angeles-based R&B/pop singer Brenzy is starting the second quarter of 2022 with song number two. Her new tune, "brunch," is a smooth, neo-soul/pop song that is about exactly what one would expect given its title: brunch. The song centers around Brenzy waking up in her apartment alone on a Sunday, but wishing she was… Continue reading Brenzy Releases New R&B Daydream Anthem “brunch”


Soleil releases chilling single “Noise”

Soleil is back with her third single of 2021. This time, she’s showing off her vocal range in “Noise,” a slow, moody song with a chilling storyline. The song is also accompanied by an emotional music video co-creative directed by the Miami-based singer-songwriter. “Noise” is a complete 180 from Soleil’s previous two singles, which were upbeat… Continue reading Soleil releases chilling single “Noise”