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Study Finds Households Near National Parks are Healthier; Here are 5 U.S. National Parks to Visit

It’s springtime and finally acting like it in the tristate area. Spring is always an exciting time of year for students like myself—nicer weather allows us to spend some much needed time outside and also gives us a hint of the upcoming summer fun we plan to have. Speaking of outside time, a recent Science Advances study shows… Continue reading Study Finds Households Near National Parks are Healthier; Here are 5 U.S. National Parks to Visit

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Americans Will Need an ETIAS for European Travel, Not a Visa

News broke recently that American citizens along with people from more than 60 countries will soon need a visa to enter Europe’s Schengen Zone, an area compromised of 26 countries. This, however, is a bit misleading. The new clearance is not a visa, but an approval through the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS).… Continue reading Americans Will Need an ETIAS for European Travel, Not a Visa

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Definitely a Treat: American Student Discovers U.K. Celebrates Halloween

By: Alexa Hoffman For anyone wondering, yes—London does celebrate Halloween. It’s a bit weird how I found out. I had first realized because I started seeing decorations in a lot of the main shopping stores. For instance, there’s a store called Flying Tiger which is basically the U.K. version of 5 Below, and they had… Continue reading Definitely a Treat: American Student Discovers U.K. Celebrates Halloween

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A New London Original in NYC

I make it my mission to see at least one Broadway show per semester and thanks to Hofstra University Honors College, I was able to check that box early. I saw a newer play, Farinelli and the King, at the Belasco Theatre in New York. The show tells the story of how the mentally unfit… Continue reading A New London Original in NYC


A Reflection of My Blog 2.0

I am laughing at myself for calling my blog “mediocre” last year. I mean, it still is, but guess what—it is still making me happy! Like I said in my “reflection” post that I wrote just over a year ago, I have thought about changing my blog into a “.com,” but I decided against it.… Continue reading A Reflection of My Blog 2.0


Spring 2018: Not Australia

This time last year, I had just gotten back from an incredible two weeks in London and was preparing to study abroad in Australia. It is absolutely crazy to me to think that was my life just 12 months ago. Believe me, I want it back! However, I cannot dwindle on the past. I am… Continue reading Spring 2018: Not Australia


2017: From Traveling to Relaxing

How I am sitting down to write my 2017 wrap-up post is beyond me, yet here I am. Quite opposite to 2016, this year was not driven by my need to travel. Yes, I travelled; a lot. However, once my beautiful semester in Australia was done, I was not ready to hit the road (or… Continue reading 2017: From Traveling to Relaxing

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Home at Last

Long time, no blog! I cannot say I am pleased with myself for not posting in so long, but you know, life happens. And by life happening, I mean I have been home from Australia for just over a month. I considered the options for first blog post after I got back from my Australian… Continue reading Home at Last

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1 Year of Whitmanythoughts

A few days ago, a sweet little memory popped up on Facebook: my first blog post on Whitmanythoughts. I cannot believe it has been a year since I started writing about my travels. I feel like I have written so much, yet have so much more to share. I have expressed over and over again… Continue reading 1 Year of Whitmanythoughts


Thoughts on Turning 21

I remember turning 10 years old and having my mom say, “You’ll be in double digits for the rest if your life!” I thought that was scary. I recall becoming a teenager and having some friends over for some Wii Olympics. I remember deciding whether or not I should have a sweet 16. Turning 18… Continue reading Thoughts on Turning 21