New Release: Noah Singer is “Happier With You” in 2022

Fresh off his acoustic pop single “Sunrise,” Noah Singer is beginning 2022 on a new note. He talks his first release of the year and why it’s unique for him. 

By: Sara Whitman | January 21, 2022

Noah Singer is kicking off 2022 by exploring sounds out of his comfort zone with his new single, “Happier With You.” While the song is a bit different for him, it’s also exactly what he wants as a growing artist. 

“The sound of the song was influenced by me wanting to break the norm and try a different genre,” he said. “I want fans to take away from this that I will rarely stick to one genre.”

With a cool, dreamy guitar melody and a soft twang in his voice, he’s certainly playing with the country genre more than ever before. Singer has been a long time country fan and dreamt about releasing a country tune one day, and “Happier With You” certainly hits all the notes he’s been after.

“Country music gives you a chance to really tell a story and convey your emotions in the music,” he added.

The title of “Happier With You” automatically gives away the story behind the song. Moreover, Singer’s sweet lyrics gush about a girl who makes his life so much better.

“I want fans to listen to this song and think about their person that makes them the happiest they can be. I feel like the song is quite relatable to those that have this kind of person in their lives, and this song is just another way of expressing those feelings into words,” he said. 

And to the fans who are listening to the song, Singer has a special message for you: “I really just want to thank everyone who is reading this and has followed along with my journey to becoming an artist. Whether you are a friend, family, or just someone who found me on a random playlist, I will forever be grateful for your support.”

You can check out “Happier With You” here and can learn more about the singer below.


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