Workin’ Girl

The title of this post may be misleading; I have always been a working girl. I was lucky enough to be employed during the entire pandemic and I was once again lucky to find the perfect work-from-home writing job amid the pandemic after applying to dozens of jobs in 2020. In my last post, I… Continue reading Workin’ Girl


25th Birthday Vlog

Last week, I wrote a heartfelt post about how thankful I was for experiencing such an incredible 25th birthday weekend. This week, I want to show you it. While the video is definitely not as detailed as I had originally planned, I hope you enjoy the sights you do get to see — from Brooklyn… Continue reading 25th Birthday Vlog


When in doubt, I visit NYC

I actually cannot believe it has been a whole week since I last posted. Time flies when you’re escaping your problems by crashing with a friend in New York! On a serious note, my week in New York actually felt like a vacation (It wasn’t, though. I worked my normal work schedule). I was able… Continue reading When in doubt, I visit NYC


Opportunities are (still) Meant for Taking

  Opportunities are meant for taking. That was the title of my first ever post on this blog two years ago. Guess what? Opportunities are still meant for taking. Let me tell you why.   Wednesday, July 4, 2018 9:30 a.m. arrive at beach 12:50 p.m. purchase concert tickets and leave beach 3:45 p.m. leave… Continue reading Opportunities are (still) Meant for Taking

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A New London Original in NYC

I make it my mission to see at least one Broadway show per semester and thanks to Hofstra University Honors College, I was able to check that box early. I saw a newer play, Farinelli and the King, at the Belasco Theatre in New York. The show tells the story of how the mentally unfit… Continue reading A New London Original in NYC


A Quick Trip to Maryland

Just before my fairly low-key winter break ended, I went on some small getaways: twice to Philadelphia, and once to Maryland. For some reason, I have a deep love for Maryland. I suppose it is because I have had such a wonderful experience every time I’ve been there. I took the drive down to an… Continue reading A Quick Trip to Maryland


Spring 2018: Not Australia

This time last year, I had just gotten back from an incredible two weeks in London and was preparing to study abroad in Australia. It is absolutely crazy to me to think that was my life just 12 months ago. Believe me, I want it back! However, I cannot dwindle on the past. I am… Continue reading Spring 2018: Not Australia