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Back to Rome: Ibiza Night 3

Sarah, Chrissy, Lauren, Mitch and I had some time to use before heading to the first nightlife area of the night, a beachside bar called Bora Bora. Naturally, we decided to shop around the strip and buy some good ‘ole touristy things. I ended up getting a shot glass in which to put my sea… Continue reading Back to Rome: Ibiza Night 3

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Back to Rome: Ibiza Day 2

Saturday morning brought a bit of rain, but after breakfast, it cleared right up. We ate at the same place as the day prior, and I had the same meal: eggs, bacon, toast and beans. We swiftly moved from breakfast to to the bus stop in order to make the 10:15 bus to Ibiza Town,… Continue reading Back to Rome: Ibiza Day 2

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Back to Rome: Ibiza Night 2

After our perfect day at Cala Salada, we headed back to our hostal to shower and relax. We had a late dinner so that we did not have to wait much before hopping on the DiscoBus to Privilege. The Discobus is a late night bus that continuously stops at all the main clubs in each… Continue reading Back to Rome: Ibiza Night 2

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Back to Rome: Ibiza Day 1

Just about two months ago (as of 7/2016), I blindly booked a weekend in Ibiza with some people I really didn't know. It was my first time traveling without an adult and my first time hearing about the island off of Spain. The last weekend of my stay in Europe came, and it was time… Continue reading Back to Rome: Ibiza Day 1

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Back to Rome: Day Trip to Florence

Ciao Firenze! Our first night in Florence was short and sweet. After a ride on the high speed train from Rome, we reached Hotel Victoria. Immediately after arriving, we enjoyed an all-you-can-eat dinner at a lovely restaurant. We were served four types of pastas and the best bread sticks I have ever eaten, along with… Continue reading Back to Rome: Day Trip to Florence


Feeling 22

I never thought turning 22 in America could beat turning 21 in Australia, but it may have happened. How? Well, as I mentioned in my “21” post last year, I am one of the luckiest girls in the world because I have some of the best friends (and family) around. Despite the birthday night out… Continue reading Feeling 22


A Quick Trip to Maryland

Just before my fairly low-key winter break ended, I went on some small getaways: twice to Philadelphia, and once to Maryland. For some reason, I have a deep love for Maryland. I suppose it is because I have had such a wonderful experience every time I’ve been there. I took the drive down to an… Continue reading A Quick Trip to Maryland


Fall Concert Series 2.0: Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars was dripping in Finesse as he opened his 24K Magic World Tour at The Nassau Coliseum on Long Island with his song “Finesse.” I’ll have to say, I was surprised when he did not open the show with “24 K Magic,” the first song on his 24K Magic album and, obviously, the name… Continue reading Fall Concert Series 2.0: Bruno Mars


Oz: Soaking it Up

The only concerns I had for my last week in Australia were my final exam and soaking up as much of Perth and Fremantle as I could. We take the Mandurah train line to get to and from Perth, but we had never actually been to Mandurah. Some friends and I changed that Monday when… Continue reading Oz: Soaking it Up

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1 Year of Whitmanythoughts

A few days ago, a sweet little memory popped up on Facebook: my first blog post on Whitmanythoughts. I cannot believe it has been a year since I started writing about my travels. I feel like I have written so much, yet have so much more to share. I have expressed over and over again… Continue reading 1 Year of Whitmanythoughts