Happy 6th Birthday to Sarawhitmanythoughts!

I received an unexpected message the other day: It was my six-year anniversary with WordPress! I have been typing about my thoughts, feelings, adventures, trials and tribulations, and successes for 72 whole months. Where has time gone?! I used to do a yearly review of my blog, but eventually life got in the way and… Continue reading Happy 6th Birthday to Sarawhitmanythoughts!


The good and the bad — it’s all part of life

The winter is going by so fast. We are already more than half way through February and while I am shocked, I can’t be mad. Each day that passes means we are getting closer to summer! And if you know me, you know I thrive during that season. With how fast time is going by,… Continue reading The good and the bad — it’s all part of life


25 fun self-care ideas during the pandemic

With so much, yet so little going on right now, you might be getting tired of the usual pandemic self-care tips that people on the Internet and our TV screens have generously afforded us. Have you re-watched Gossip Girl once or twice? Have you done the same hike five times? Do you need a new way to… Continue reading 25 fun self-care ideas during the pandemic

Travel, travel tips

What is “Adventure,” Really?

Hello, friends! Today I want to talk about a revelation I had about something I mentioned a few weeks back: adventure.   What is adventure? According to Merriam-Webster, it’s  an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks;an exciting or remarkable experience;an enterprise involving financial risk I want to focus on the first and second definitions.  An… Continue reading What is “Adventure,” Really?


It’s the Middle of July

It’s now the middle of July and I didn’t write about the meaning of “adventure” as I promised. I didn’t write at all in June, which I hate, but understand. It didn’t feel right at the time to talk about anything because there was, and still is, so much distress in America. Don’t get me… Continue reading It’s the Middle of July


It’s the Last Day of May

How has it been two months since I posted? I didn’t mean to let that time slip away, but I just could not bring myself to write. So much has happened since I last posted, and it never really felt like the right time to say anything. I left California on March 18, which is… Continue reading It’s the Last Day of May