Solo Series: My First Massage

I am not into fancy things. I even get uncomfortable when my boyfriend takes me to a nice restaurant, which he finds entertaining. So that’s why getting my first massage was a big deal for me. It felt fancy, and I wanted to feel like I earned it. (Okay, this is my second massage. I got a Thai massage when I was in Thailand, not knowing anything about it, and will never do that again. I therefore don’t count that). I’ve been wanting a massage since the end of last year, and after working six day weeks for almost two months, I thought it was time. Plus, I found a really good Groupon for one, so that helped.

The Groupon was for Sun and Moon Spa, which ended up being a 15-minute walk form my apartment. I took advantage of that and walked into an empty waiting area with some plants and a small water feature. Eventually an older woman came out, rang up my Groupon and lead me into a small room with a bed, a microwave-looking thing (for the hot stones) and a plant. There was meditation-like music playing in the dimly lit room, and I was automatically calmed. She instructed me to place my phone and wallet on a table in the corner and to hang up my clothes on the hook on the door. So I did…kind of.

A peek into my massage room. 

Like I said, this was my first real massage. I could either get a deep tissue or a hot stone with this Groupon, and after researching the differences between the two, I chose a hot stone because it seemed less intense, but still would work out the kinks in my upper back. The woman came back in after I was undressed and under the sheets. She started working her hands from my neck all the way down to my feet. It was a surprise for her when she realized I had my socks on. I whispered “sorry” to her. I didn’t know this was more than just a back massage! Well here comes the best part: She started using massage oil, again on my whole body, and she let let out a surprised “Oh!” when she realized I still had my workout capris on! I was so embarrassed and she asked me if it was my first time, which made me feel better because she understood. So there I was in a massage bed, having my pants removed as if I were inebriated after a party getting changed by my best friend.

After that, the massage went on as planned. She massaged my arms, legs, feet, neck, back and hands with the massage oil, and then worked the hot stones into the process. I didn’t realize she had pulled out the hot stones, and thought she was just using warmer oil at first. That’s how smooth they were! The warmth felt really good when she had them lined up on my spine. Then, she seemed to have used two different types of aromatherapy oil, which was something I was really excited about. My guess is she used eucalyptus oil, and then peppermint. After having me flip on to my back and then working on my upper chest and scalp, she told me I was done and offered me hot tea or water which I respectfully declined.

Image by GladisAbril from Pixabay.

I slowly got dressed and walked out of my room to give her a tip, and strolled back to my apartment. I was really impressed with the peppermint oil because I could still feel it tingling and smell it on my upper back, and it was really soothing that area. I felt like I was walking with better posture, which I appreciated. The massage overall was a great experience, but the affects of it quickly wore off because I rushed to get ready and to my friend’s party she was throwing at her apartment. I wish I could have had some time to relax afterward, which may have prolonged the Zen feeling.

It was a new experience for me, and I would go back in a few months if I were to find another discount. For some reason I thought it was going to help the constant stress I feel in my upper back more, but maybe a deep tissue would do that. Any doctor on here want to prescribe me massages three times a week?


3 thoughts on “Solo Series: My First Massage”

  1. Interesting experience! I have enjoyed massages for years. Funny, I had the same kind of experience the first time in keeping some clothing on! If money were no object, I’d get a massage at least once a week. I do believe that its good for the mind and body!

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  2. Your description almost makes me want to try it! Could I go in pajamas? Your Pop Pop loves massages which is why he often receives gift cards for them on birthdays,
    etc. Try the deep one next time and let us know.


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