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Solo Series: I took an Acting Class

No, I didn’t let the LA dream hit me and decide to become an actress. My dad is friends with a really nice man named David Wells who is an actor and owns an acting class business. I met him a few months ago when my dad was in town and he said to swing by, so the time to swing by finally came.

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay.

I was definitely nervous going to an acting class, knowing I would most likely be in front of a bunch of strangers. I hadn’t acted since high school and even that acting wasn’t much, because I was always in a chorus or group. Anyway, I showed up at his studio which was an easy five-minute drive from my place and strolled on in to find a friendly dog, which happened to be David’s. I sat in the modest waiting room because I heard some kids practicing lines and didn’t want to barge in on that. Once they finished, David walked out with them and spotted me. I re-introduced myself and he asked how my dad was doing and quickly invited me in for a seat. I sat down in the room, which has a two-story set of seating. I wondered if the chairs had come from a theater or if you can just by risers like that. Anyway, he asked about my job and subsequently pulled out a script from a movie called Broadcast News. I have never seen it, but it’s about a male reporter trying to seek advice from a female higher in the company, but she is only sexually interested in him.

This session was on a Saturday during his drop-in hours, so like I said, I expected to be in a mix of people. What I didn’t expect is to be the oldest one there by 15 years, besides one teenager who was a sophomore in high school. I felt a bit silly, but was also calmed down knowing I would be practicing in front of kids. Don’t let me slight these kids, though. During their reading sessions, they all talked about the various auditions or callbacks they were going on and one girl mentioned that she had just booked a role in a show.

Anyway, just like everyone else, David read the script with me. I was definitely nervous the first time I read the script and I was trying to control my voice, but had a hard time. He pointed out that I was being too choppy and fast with my words. I was trying to get the feeling of uncomfortableness across, but I guess I didn’t get that done. He read the script with me two or three times, and gave me pointers each time. I don’t think he was ever happy with my reading, but it was nice of him to give me direction regardless.

I left right after my read because I had already sat through a lot of others. It was an experience I didn’t think I would have in my adult life, and I really enjoyed doing something I normally would not do. If anyone is interested in a lesson, David’s first one during his drop-in hours is always free. You can find more information at

Have you recently done something out of your comfort zone? Is there something you want to do? Let me know in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Solo Series: I took an Acting Class”

  1. Good for you, Sara!! That must have been nerve-wracking!! No, I never did anything
    that was as hard as that, but I was asked to head the decorating and social part of
    the 100th Anniversary of our yacht club, and I was extremely worried about that. But, with a lot of help it worked out!
    LUM, Gran


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