Solo Series: My First Massage

I am not into fancy things. I even get uncomfortable when my boyfriend takes me to a nice restaurant, which he finds entertaining. So that’s why getting my first massage was a big deal for me. It felt fancy, and I wanted to feel like I earned it. (Okay, this is my second massage. I… Continue reading Solo Series: My First Massage

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Solo Series: I took an Acting Class

No, I didn’t let the LA dream hit me and decide to become an actress. My dad is friends with a really nice man named David Wells who is an actor and owns an acting class business. I met him a few months ago when my dad was in town and he said to swing… Continue reading Solo Series: I took an Acting Class

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California Solo Series: Catalina Island

This week’s solo series is a bit different: the itinerary is for a single day, but it’s meant to be shared with friends and family. I spent a day on Catalina Island while I was babysitting, so I thought I’d share my day with you so you can get an idea of how a young… Continue reading California Solo Series: Catalina Island

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California Solo Series: Venice Beach

I was really scared to look back on this video because I thought It was going to be very cringe-inducing, but I actually found myself smiling at how happy I was to be seeing a new place. In part two of my solo series, I take you to the Venice area: the canals, a butterfly… Continue reading California Solo Series: Venice Beach

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California Solo Series: Hiking La Tuna Canyon

Valentine’s Day is long gone and the month of loving and cuffing (or for some breaking up and crying) is over, so what better way to move on with a solo series? When I first moved to California, I made two vlogs exploring my new home. I went on my first hike alone and explored… Continue reading California Solo Series: Hiking La Tuna Canyon

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Cross Country Road Trip: Wrapped Up

Six days and 3,000 miles later, I completed my first cross-country road trip with my partner in travel. The amount of memories made in the states between New Jersey and California are irreplaceable, and I am, as always, grateful to have another unforgettable adventure with my Pop Pop. Speaking of, it’s a special day today:… Continue reading Cross Country Road Trip: Wrapped Up

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Los Angeles: Wrapped Up

My visit to Los Angeles was a special networking trip through the Hofstra University Lawrence Herbert School of Communications. It was a “business trip,” if I may. We met a wide range of professionals from many well-known companies in the entertainment industry, learned a lot about where we see ourselves in the professional world and… Continue reading Los Angeles: Wrapped Up

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Goodbye Los Angeles!

That’s a wrap folks! Seven days of networking and two days of sightseeing have come and gone like a glimpse of a shooting star. Soon we will head to classes and get back to normal life, but I think we all will have an underlying twinkle within us, knowing how lucky we are to have… Continue reading Goodbye Los Angeles!

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LA Day 9: That’s a Wrap!

Our final da in L.A. was the perfect combination of networking and fun. We started the day off at one of ABC’s lots, where we received an in-depth analysis of how they marketed and created content for The Bachelor. They said that they create a lot of content in-house, and I feel like that definitely… Continue reading LA Day 9: That’s a Wrap!

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LA Day 8: Networking Day into Night

On our sixth day of networking the professionals gave to me…more knowledge! We started off the rainiest day yet at one of the top four talent agencies in L.A., ICM,  although it looked like an art museum instead. We met with a Hofstra alumnus who has been a talent agent there for seven years. He… Continue reading LA Day 8: Networking Day into Night