Oz Through Sara’s Eyes: Thailand

The final trip I took during my time in Australia occurred during the last study break in the first week of June. The destination? Thailand. Yes, it was a study break. I had my flash cards with me the whole time, I promise!

I was extremely proud of this trip because I planned 99 percent of the week my two friends and I had in the Southeast Asian country, and executed it on my own as well. It was my first time coordinating and carrying out a trip by myself as a young adult in such a linguistically and culturally different country. Looking back at it, I am amazed at how I was able to navigate this foreign city, which speaks a lot less English than major European cities, and get my friends and I to and from our tours and appointments safely. All in all, it was an incredibly enriching and unique time, and it will always be a special trip for me.

Of course, my written posts about this trip will come, but first, I want to show you Bangkok and its surrounding jungle. This trip took us to Kanchanaburi, which hosts a working part of the Thai-Burma Railway used in World War 2, on a floating hotel on the River Kwai, to an elephant sanctuary, and to many elaborate, magnificent temples right in Bangkok.

Thinking about this trip, I really cannot believe I got to do all these exciting things and learn about new places and histories. I hope the video shows the joy I felt during my Thai adventure!

Whitmanhythought 1: I’m trying to go to another floating hotel. Who’s in?

Whitmanythought 2: Also, I am craving some mango sticky rice.


7 thoughts on “Oz Through Sara’s Eyes: Thailand”

  1. Don’t know what to say about this one. If I had known about it at the time, I would have been so very upset, but as they say, what you don’t
    know won’t hurt you! I’m sure I have more grey hairs than I used to!


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