Australia: Fremantle Markets

As a continuation of orientation week, nicknamed “O-Week” here, the resident assistants had a “recovery breakfast” for everyone who went out to the club the night before. I find it so different that part of orientation week consisted of going out with our resident assistants; but the drinking age is 18 here, so the night life culture is slightly different from America. Breakfast was fantastic. There was a pancake station, fruit, cereal, eggs, sausage and many types of pastries.

During breakfast, we quickly decided to go to Fremantle for the day (Freo) to visit the shops and beach. Fremantle is a major port city in Western Australia with rich history and ornate colonial-era buildings.


Upon arrival, there was a magician performing a show, and we decided to watch. Little did we know that Ethan would be volunteered by the magician to wear a helmet with four poles sticking out of it, upon which the magician spun four plates. It was quite entertaining.

The market reminded me so much of the Borough Market in London, with its green metal structure housing a myriad of shops and food stands. It was spectacular to browse the area, which I plan to visit again for souvenirs and gifts for family and friends.


After our trip to the markets, we headed to Bather’s Beach, which is a small beach area surrounded by restaurants, Esplanade Park, and museums. It is also home to the Round House, which, opened in 1831, is the oldest building standing in Western Australia. We relaxed on the beach for a while, and then everyone decided to find a place to eat.

The Round House

We then climbed up to the Round House, which is situated on a hill, and watched the sun set behind the calm waters.


It was a fun day exploring the beautiful area and I can’t wait to come back. However, I definitely want to find a less seaweed and people-filled beach. The rest of the night consisted of me hoping I did not burn the flat down while cooking my first dinner on my own. All went well.



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