Oz: Magic, Music and Markets

Wizards assemble! My busy weekend started Friday with a Harry Potter-themed pub crawl to which I won tickets through a company called Blue Elephant Promotions. This company successfully runs crawls through the UK and Ireland, and decided to bring them to Australia, which I think is pretty cool. My crawl started at seven (there were… Continue reading Oz: Magic, Music and Markets


Australia: Shopping at Garden City

Monday was all over the place from the start. I think I may have walked to and from campus about four times to sign up for surf and didgeridoo lessons, receive a partial refund and grab a surprise free bus token for the big night out coming up. I was really trying to organize my… Continue reading Australia: Shopping at Garden City


Australia: Fremantle Markets

As a continuation of orientation week, nicknamed “O-Week” here, the resident assistants had a “recovery breakfast” for everyone who went out to the club the night before. I find it so different that part of orientation week consisted of going out with our resident assistants; but the drinking age is 18 here, so the night… Continue reading Australia: Fremantle Markets