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What it’s really like to ski during the COVID-19 pandemic

I want to preface this post by saying I was super nervous to ski during the pandemic. It turned out to be a lovely time. It’s winter and there’s only one good thing that comes with that: ski (and snowboard) season. My awesome dad (also known as Rippin’ Russ while on the mountain) planned a… Continue reading What it’s really like to ski during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Cross Country Road Trip 2.0: Wrapped Up

One week and 3,000 miles later, I completed my second cross-country road trip with my partner in travel. It was another trip full of irreplaceable memories and I am, as always, grateful to have another unforgettable adventure with my Pop Pop.

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CA to NJ: Day 8 — Homeward bound

The last day of the cross country trip arrived, and I had never been more excited to get on the road. “Why?” you may ask. Well, the previous night I told Pop Pop that I saw a town that didn’t seem too far off of the route and told him I would love to stop… Continue reading CA to NJ: Day 8 — Homeward bound

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CA to NJ: Day 7 — Two Cities, One Day

Pop Pop and I were on a roll today! We packed up my roof bag and secured it to my car and left Chicago early in the morning for Cleveland, Ohio. I was really trying to see places I probably would not have a reason to visit in my lifetime, so I decided on Cleveland,… Continue reading CA to NJ: Day 7 — Two Cities, One Day

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CA to NJ: Day 3 — Work from Colorado

If you’ve kept up with my road trip 2.0 so far, you’re probably thinking it has been quite boring. I wouldn’t blame you. Pop Pop and I spent the first day and a half driving, and on Wednesday, Sept. 23, we worked. My uncle was super nice and let us work at his house in… Continue reading CA to NJ: Day 3 — Work from Colorado

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CA to NJ: I’m headed home

Sept. 12, 2020 My best flow of thought and writing comes when I’m on airplanes, but even now, on my way to Los Angeles, it’s difficult to think of the words to say.   Let me start with this: I did not think when I picked up a freelance writing gig in early August it would… Continue reading CA to NJ: I’m headed home

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What is revenge travel and will you partake?

If there is one thing we learned during the coronavirus pandemic, it’s that Americans don’t like feeling trapped (i.e., protests against masks, flocking to bars as soon as they open and so on). America is still facing rising cases throughout the country and the uncertainty of when any sort of entertainment will return to “normal” is consequently… Continue reading What is revenge travel and will you partake?


Why Taking Photos is Important

“Millenials only see things through the lens of their cameras.” “Why don’t kids put down their cameras and live in the moment?” These are statements I’m sure most of us have heard or even thought—I can say I’ve done both. I actually just read an opinion article that determined that younger generations on their phones… Continue reading Why Taking Photos is Important

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What is “Adventure,” Really?

Hello, friends! Today I want to talk about a revelation I had about something I mentioned a few weeks back: adventure.   What is adventure? According to Merriam-Webster, it’s  an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks;an exciting or remarkable experience;an enterprise involving financial risk I want to focus on the first and second definitions.  An… Continue reading What is “Adventure,” Really?

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Cross Country Road Trip: Utah

June 11, 2019 The western-style breakfast did not disappoint this morning with French toast, classic biscuits and gravy, eggs, fruit, yogurt and more. However, we had even more exciting things to do besides eat breakfast today. First up: horseback riding. I chuckled when Pop Pop said he was interested in a horseback ride, because I… Continue reading Cross Country Road Trip: Utah