I’m ready for summer

Well, it’s officially summer. Not technically — summer starts in a few days — but as far as I’m concerned, summer is here (and has been here since May 1). The weather hasn’t been completely perfect in June, but I have used every day off of work to soak up the sun as much as… Continue reading I’m ready for summer


It’s the Last Day of July

Congratulations! If you you’re reading this, you have made it through another month of a (somewhat worldwide, mostly United States) pandemic. How exciting! My excitement is actually quite surprising to me, because in my last "It's the" post I said didn’t know when I would write again due to my lack of excitement. I also… Continue reading It’s the Last Day of July


It’s the Middle of July

It’s now the middle of July and I didn’t write about the meaning of “adventure” as I promised. I didn’t write at all in June, which I hate, but understand. It didn’t feel right at the time to talk about anything because there was, and still is, so much distress in America. Don’t get me… Continue reading It’s the Middle of July