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Meet the Whitmanythoughts Bloggers

This is an exciting and monumental time for Sarawhitmanythoughts. This our first time having guest bloggers! Over the next few months, we will be hearing from some lovely ladies who ventured off to a new land and want to share their experiences. Without further adieu, here are our featured study abroad students. Where are you… Continue reading Meet the Whitmanythoughts Bloggers


Oz: Second Week of Classes

I am definitely adjusting to the new style of classes and am much less stressed than last week. I actually switched from my indigenous studies course to a photography course. I did this because neither course will count towards my degree, and I can do much more with some extra photography skills than historical knowledge.… Continue reading Oz: Second Week of Classes


Australia: Two Weeks in & Still Alive

I cannot believe I have been living in Australia for almost two weeks and school starts tomorrow. However, I thought I would have started school by now and did not realize I would have 12 days to adjust before classes commence, so I am not complaining. The last two weeks have been such a cool… Continue reading Australia: Two Weeks in & Still Alive


Australia: Digeridoo Lesson

After a nice Saturday morning work out, I hopped on the bus to Freo with Brian and Nicole for a didgeridoo lesson. Didgeridoos are wooden instruments that one blows into by vibrating the lips together and sealing the mouthpiece entirely. Surprisingly, these instruments are not native to the indigenous people here and came around once… Continue reading Australia: Digeridoo Lesson


Australia: Getting Organized

Wednesday was the freest day we had, and we kept it that way for the most part. After the most stressful trip-sign up ever, I went on a nice run and cooked myself breakfast. I was finally able to sit down and finish organizing my life; e.g. charting my food intake, exercise and expenses. Nothing… Continue reading Australia: Getting Organized


Australia: Surviving the First Night

I have now been in Australia living in the Murdoch University Village (housing set aside for first year and international students) for a full two nights. It has not been an easy transition at all, and I definitely had to practice my own advice regarding traveling to foreign land. After a layover from Nadi to… Continue reading Australia: Surviving the First Night

Fiji, Rome

Fiji: The First Day

Bula (welcome) to Fiji! Some of the Fiji group met each other at airports, such as me and Brian, and then a few more of us in Los Angeles. We finally all grouped up at Nadi International and awaited our coordinator to pick us up after we grabbed our bags and went through customs followed… Continue reading Fiji: The First Day