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Cross Country Road Trip: Tennessee

June 7, 2019 There’s a reason number two is my favorite number…. Pop Pop and I woke up, ate a satisfying hotel breakfast and headed for Music City for day two of our road trip. I chose to got to Nashville because I am in a wedding and the bachelorette party is in Nashville. Unfortunately,… Continue reading Cross Country Road Trip: Tennessee


London: Road Trip to Nottingham

Road trip! The whole gang (well, almost) decided to travel with Jake to his house in Nottingham where he was dropping off his car in return for another day of good ole’ memory making. The whole trip went smoothly, besides at the beginning when Jake realized his tire was completely flat. Before arriving at his… Continue reading London: Road Trip to Nottingham

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My 24 Hour Visit to Massachusetts Part II

As I said in my last post, my visit to MA was not over with the concert. I was lucky enough that Mitch, one of my friends from Rome, was off of work Thursday and was willing to see me. So, he drove 40 minutes to Blue Hills Reservation in Quincy, MA to hike around… Continue reading My 24 Hour Visit to Massachusetts Part II