Soleil calls out love with new song “Loves to Blame”

Miami-based singer/songwriter Soleil is back with a brand new single, and this time, she’s calling love out. The song, titled “Loves to Blame,” which she co-wrote with James Murphy and Mitch Cantor, talks about what happens when you find that special someone.  "When you're into someone, you start accommodating your life, so that you can… Continue reading Soleil calls out love with new song “Loves to Blame”


Soleil releases chilling single “Noise”

Soleil is back with her third single of 2021. This time, she’s showing off her vocal range in “Noise,” a slow, moody song with a chilling storyline. The song is also accompanied by an emotional music video co-creative directed by the Miami-based singer-songwriter. “Noise” is a complete 180 from Soleil’s previous two singles, which were upbeat… Continue reading Soleil releases chilling single “Noise”