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Definitely a Treat: American Student Discovers U.K. Celebrates Halloween

By: Alexa Hoffman For anyone wondering, yes—London does celebrate Halloween. It’s a bit weird how I found out. I had first realized because I started seeing decorations in a lot of the main shopping stores. For instance, there’s a store called Flying Tiger which is basically the U.K. version of 5 Below, and they had… Continue reading Definitely a Treat: American Student Discovers U.K. Celebrates Halloween

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Back to Rome: Ibiza Day 2

Saturday morning brought a bit of rain, but after breakfast, it cleared right up. We ate at the same place as the day prior, and I had the same meal: eggs, bacon, toast and beans. We swiftly moved from breakfast to to the bus stop in order to make the 10:15 bus to Ibiza Town,… Continue reading Back to Rome: Ibiza Day 2


Thoughts on Turning 21: Continued

If you told me I would be celebrating my 21st birthday in Australia, I would have deemed you crazy. While I was in Italy last summer, another person on the trip celebrated his 21st birthday at the Amalfi Coast, and I thought about how grand it must be to celebrate your birthday in such a… Continue reading Thoughts on Turning 21: Continued


Oz: Birthday Week

The last few days I have felt nothing but loved and lucky. Turning 21 is a time I will never forget. I started the celebration by heading to the beach Monday. I was supposed to go Tuesday, on my actual birthday, but we had a feedback session with the vice president of AIFS to attend.… Continue reading Oz: Birthday Week


Thoughts on Turning 21

I remember turning 10 years old and having my mom say, “You’ll be in double digits for the rest if your life!” I thought that was scary. I recall becoming a teenager and having some friends over for some Wii Olympics. I remember deciding whether or not I should have a sweet 16. Turning 18… Continue reading Thoughts on Turning 21


Week Six of Classes

Week six of classes turned out to be enjoyable, especially since I was powered by my strong surge of happiness I received from the previous weekend. Tuesday was special because the weather warmed up and it turned out to be a fantastic beach day. Plus, Ben & Jerry’s was hosting its annual free cone day,… Continue reading Week Six of Classes


Oz: Second Week of Classes

I am definitely adjusting to the new style of classes and am much less stressed than last week. I actually switched from my indigenous studies course to a photography course. I did this because neither course will count towards my degree, and I can do much more with some extra photography skills than historical knowledge.… Continue reading Oz: Second Week of Classes


Oz: Surf’s Up!

Surf’s up down under! One of the days I was looking forward to the most was here: surf lessons! I have surfed a few times in my life, but I am absolutely horrible at it. I was looking forward to having a lesson with other beginners so I would not feel as ashamed of my… Continue reading Oz: Surf’s Up!


Oz: The Beach Life

Luckily I do not have classes on Fridays, so you can guess where I ended up: the beach. That was after the free chocolate chip pancakes I ate for breakfast with Nutella and syrup, of course. It definitely seems like a sweet life, that’s for sure! After Nicole, Jordan and I returned from a splendid… Continue reading Oz: The Beach Life