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Cross Country Road Trip: Colorado to Utah

June 10, 2019 I really wish I could have stayed longer in Fort Collins with my family. Besides just being very artsy, Fort Collins seems to have a very outdoorsy culture with many activities centered around the nearby mountains. I was of course just thankful to see my family and my mini-me cousin, since I… Continue reading Cross Country Road Trip: Colorado to Utah

New York

Lake George: Good Eats

The only thing that motivated me through the whirlwind of September was my weekend getaway to Lake George at the end of the month. It was an extra special trip because my mom and step-dad let me come along with them and helped me surprise my grandparents and aunt. The astonishment on their faces when… Continue reading Lake George: Good Eats


Oz: Back from the Outback

I have returned to Perth from the outback! It has been quite some time since I last posted, and that is solely due to the fact that I was embarking on a 10-day-turned-nine outback camping trip in Northwest Australia. I have so much to say about the trip, but I have to type it up… Continue reading Oz: Back from the Outback