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CA to NJ: Day 8 — Homeward bound

The last day of the cross country trip arrived, and I had never been more excited to get on the road. “Why?” you may ask. Well, the previous night I told Pop Pop that I saw a town that didn’t seem too far off of the route and told him I would love to stop… Continue reading CA to NJ: Day 8 — Homeward bound


It’s the Last Day of July

Congratulations! If you you’re reading this, you have made it through another month of a (somewhat worldwide, mostly United States) pandemic. How exciting! My excitement is actually quite surprising to me, because in my last "It's the" post I said didn’t know when I would write again due to my lack of excitement. I also… Continue reading It’s the Last Day of July


It’s the Middle of July

It’s now the middle of July and I didn’t write about the meaning of “adventure” as I promised. I didn’t write at all in June, which I hate, but understand. It didn’t feel right at the time to talk about anything because there was, and still is, so much distress in America. Don’t get me… Continue reading It’s the Middle of July