2018: Work Hard, but Play Harder

2016 was all about traveling. 2017 was all about learning to take a break. 2018, I decided, was about pushing myself to my limits and proving that I did not graduate from college for nothing. At the beginning of 2018, I had no idea what was in store for me. I had no plans to… Continue reading 2018: Work Hard, but Play Harder

Outside Perspectives

Whitmanythoughts Bloggers Return from Abroad

It has been an adventurous and sometimes even stressful, but unforgettable semester abroad for our Whitmanythoughts bloggers. Let’s see what Alexa (London) and Rachel (Amsterdam) have to say about their time abroad, now that they’re back in the states. Sarawhitmanythoughts: How does it feel now that you’ve officially studied abroad? Rachel: It feels incredible to… Continue reading Whitmanythoughts Bloggers Return from Abroad

Outside Perspectives

A Student Discovers Nightlife, Hostels and Community in Belgium

By: Rachel Bowman While I had liked to think of myself as well traveled before my study abroad trip, I had only left the country a few times and mostly had traveled within the states. Coming to Amsterdam is the most traveling I had ever done, and actually planning a trip to another country from… Continue reading A Student Discovers Nightlife, Hostels and Community in Belgium

Outside Perspectives

Meet the Whitmanythoughts Bloggers

This is an exciting and monumental time for Sarawhitmanythoughts. This our first time having guest bloggers! Over the next few months, we will be hearing from some lovely ladies who ventured off to a new land and want to share their experiences. Without further adieu, here are our featured study abroad students. Where are you… Continue reading Meet the Whitmanythoughts Bloggers