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Whitmanythoughts Bloggers Return from Abroad

It has been an adventurous and sometimes even stressful, but unforgettable semester abroad for our Whitmanythoughts bloggers. Let’s see what Alexa (London) and Rachel (Amsterdam) have to say about their time abroad, now that they’re back in the states. Sarawhitmanythoughts: How does it feel now that you’ve officially studied abroad? Rachel: It feels incredible to… Continue reading Whitmanythoughts Bloggers Return from Abroad

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Definitely a Treat: American Student Discovers U.K. Celebrates Halloween

By: Alexa Hoffman For anyone wondering, yes—London does celebrate Halloween. It’s a bit weird how I found out. I had first realized because I started seeing decorations in a lot of the main shopping stores. For instance, there’s a store called Flying Tiger which is basically the U.K. version of 5 Below, and they had… Continue reading Definitely a Treat: American Student Discovers U.K. Celebrates Halloween

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A Student’s Experience at London Fashion Week

By: Alexa Hoffman The most exciting thing that I’ve done so far is work at London Fashion Week. As it has to do with my major, I was thrilled that I had the opportunity to help out with such a great event. Through my Fashion Styling tutor, we were able to help dress models and… Continue reading A Student’s Experience at London Fashion Week

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Meet the Whitmanythoughts Bloggers

This is an exciting and monumental time for Sarawhitmanythoughts. This our first time having guest bloggers! Over the next few months, we will be hearing from some lovely ladies who ventured off to a new land and want to share their experiences. Without further adieu, here are our featured study abroad students. Where are you… Continue reading Meet the Whitmanythoughts Bloggers

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London: One Year Later

One year ago today, I was spending my last night in London and begrudgingly preparing to leave behind the most exciting and fulfilling two weeks of my life. Today, I began my new internship at NBC Weekend TODAY which will hopefully cultivate an exciting and fulfilling semester. Two years ago, I never thought I would… Continue reading London: One Year Later


2017: From Traveling to Relaxing

How I am sitting down to write my 2017 wrap-up post is beyond me, yet here I am. Quite opposite to 2016, this year was not driven by my need to travel. Yes, I travelled; a lot. However, once my beautiful semester in Australia was done, I was not ready to hit the road (or… Continue reading 2017: From Traveling to Relaxing


London: Thank You

It seems like just a few days ago I was on the Gatwick Express, excited about the train’s fantastic Wi-Fi and the adventures that awaited me. Now, two weeks have passed in a blink of an eye and I am on my way back home, sullenly recalling my stay in London. London now has a… Continue reading London: Thank You


London: The Final Hours

Olivia and I were a quarter of the way done with our last full day in London. Up next? The Sky Garden. The Sky Garden is a luscious garden, café and bar at the top of another modern building in London, which is nicknamed the Walkie Talkie. It is free to visit, as long as… Continue reading London: The Final Hours


London: A Cruise on the Thames

I could not believe it: our full last day in London had arrived. Olivia and I had reservations for a London Eye ride and river boat cruise. I was super excited for both, as I have been on many rivers in many huge cities around the world (Paris, Berlin, Budapest), and I was glad to… Continue reading London: A Cruise on the Thames


London: The Tower of London

I was lucky enough to be in London for a day in sixth grade, and one of my most vivid and favorite memories is touring the Tower of London. I am so fortunate that I was able to revisit the fortress and take a step into its rich history. The tower has Norman beginnings, when… Continue reading London: The Tower of London