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Los Angeles: Wrapped Up

My visit to Los Angeles was a special networking trip through the Hofstra University Lawrence Herbert School of Communications. It was a “business trip,” if I may. We met a wide range of professionals from many well-known companies in the entertainment industry, learned a lot about where we see ourselves in the professional world and… Continue reading Los Angeles: Wrapped Up

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Goodbye Los Angeles!

That’s a wrap folks! Seven days of networking and two days of sightseeing have come and gone like a glimpse of a shooting star. Soon we will head to classes and get back to normal life, but I think we all will have an underlying twinkle within us, knowing how lucky we are to have… Continue reading Goodbye Los Angeles!

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LA Day 8: Networking Day into Night

On our sixth day of networking the professionals gave to me…more knowledge! We started off the rainiest day yet at one of the top four talent agencies in L.A., ICM,  although it looked like an art museum instead. We met with a Hofstra alumnus who has been a talent agent there for seven years. He… Continue reading LA Day 8: Networking Day into Night

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LA Day 6: To Heaven and Back

Day four of networking proved to be my favorite yet, starting with brunch at the iconic Bobby’s Big Boy (the oldest standing one of the chain) followed by our first meeting at CBS. I was at CBS on Friday with the vice president of daytime programming, but today’s meeting was right up my alley: we… Continue reading LA Day 6: To Heaven and Back

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LA Day 5: A Small World

All I can say after the alumni panel of recent Hofstra graduates held at Emerson College we attended is that I am #shook. Not only did they give genuine advice for people wanting to move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in entertainment, they seemed very serious about being there for us if we… Continue reading LA Day 5: A Small World


LA Day 2: Network and Chill

If your day didn’t start with getting driven in a golf cart by a VP of a company, did your day even start? Well if yours didn’t, let me fill you in: it was awesome! The group got split up for the first half of our second day of networking here in LA, and I,… Continue reading LA Day 2: Network and Chill


LA Day 1: Networking and Fun

I could not have asked for a better first day networking in Los Angeles. Today we visited three companies: Edelman, Paramount Pictures and Magical Elves, had lunch at an influencer-approved spot and found time for some sightseeing. From picking apart the brains of the professionals we met to smiling our way down the Walk of… Continue reading LA Day 1: Networking and Fun


Hello Los Angeles!

I am finally in California! After telling my dad since freshman year of college that I am considering moving to Los Angeles one day, I have made it. This is for a school networking trip, but it’s a start. I hopped off the plane at LAX (did anyone else sing that in their heads?) just… Continue reading Hello Los Angeles!


Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Victory Parade

What happens when you send an ecstatic journalism student to the first ever Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl parade? Watch to find out. Whitmanythought 1: I just posted about Philly two times in a row. What's going on?! Whitmanythought 2: Yes, it was worth skipping my responsibilities for the day and driving home at 10 p.m.… Continue reading Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Victory Parade


A Quick Trip to Maryland

Just before my fairly low-key winter break ended, I went on some small getaways: twice to Philadelphia, and once to Maryland. For some reason, I have a deep love for Maryland. I suppose it is because I have had such a wonderful experience every time I’ve been there. I took the drive down to an… Continue reading A Quick Trip to Maryland