Lessons From my First Week of Senior Year

  Hofstra students are almost one full month into the semester. So much has happened over the last few weeks that I feel as if I have been in this month for three years. It is crazy to me that I experienced my first day of senior year just a few weeks ago and the… Continue reading Lessons From my First Week of Senior Year


Oz: Third Week of Classes

This week was a big one: March 14 marked me being in Australia for a whole month! Time really is flying by and I feel like I am leaving tomorrow, even though I know I have three months left and so many plans. Another exciting thing that March 14 marked is the day I fly… Continue reading Oz: Third Week of Classes


Oz: Weekend Whereabouts

Another beautiful weekend in Straya is down in the books. Friday began with of course, a fantastic pancake breakfast. I had a few too many, but I had to eat enough to cover the pancake-less two Fridays that are in my near future. I spent Friday relaxing and chatting by the pool with Nicole and… Continue reading Oz: Weekend Whereabouts


Australia: Two Weeks in & Still Alive

I cannot believe I have been living in Australia for almost two weeks and school starts tomorrow. However, I thought I would have started school by now and did not realize I would have 12 days to adjust before classes commence, so I am not complaining. The last two weeks have been such a cool… Continue reading Australia: Two Weeks in & Still Alive