Opportunities are (still) Meant for Taking

  Opportunities are meant for taking. That was the title of my first ever post on this blog two years ago. Guess what? Opportunities are still meant for taking. Let me tell you why.   Wednesday, July 4, 2018 9:30 a.m. arrive at beach 12:50 p.m. purchase concert tickets and leave beach 3:45 p.m. leave… Continue reading Opportunities are (still) Meant for Taking

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Rome Day 4 Continued: Ruins by Day, Pub by Night

We had another half day of sightseeing Monday afternoon and it was absolutely fantastic. We first visited Le Domus Valentini. Beneath Palazzo Valentini lay the remains of ancient Roman houses and Renaissance buildings. Fragments of dinner scraps, dining ware, floors and sculptures were found in these nearly 2,000 year-old ruins of homes, bath houses and… Continue reading Rome Day 4 Continued: Ruins by Day, Pub by Night