Steamboat, Colorado Day 2: Hot Springs

One thing that makes Steamboat Springs so special is its name. Legend has it that French trappers were in the woods and heard a gurgling sound that sounded like a steamboat. It turned out to be natural springs, and hence, the two words were combined to create Steamboat Springs. I got to experience the hot… Continue reading Steamboat, Colorado Day 2: Hot Springs


A History and Holiday-Filled Day Trip to Philadelphia

It was sunny in Philadelphia today (it was actually cloudy and a bit drizzly out). In my heart it was sunny, though, because I was taking a special someone by the name of Sam there for the first time in his life, and it was my first time during the holidays. We started our day… Continue reading A History and Holiday-Filled Day Trip to Philadelphia

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Back to Rome: Weekend Trip to Sorrento Day 5

Our last day of our weekend in paradise unfortunately came, but we had no plan to simply return to Rome. We took a detour in the busy, loud and fast-pace town of Naples. When I first thought of Naples, I thought of a quaint town by the sea, but it is the complete opposite. Professor… Continue reading Back to Rome: Weekend Trip to Sorrento Day 5

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Back to Rome: Weekend Trip to Sorrento Day 4

Another beautiful morning in Sorrento lead to another incredible day of many adventures. First on our list? Climb Mount Vesuvius. This is an active volcano that is part of a ring of multiple volcanoes on the Bay of Naples, called the Campianian volcanic arc. I have never been to a volcano before, let alone an… Continue reading Back to Rome: Weekend Trip to Sorrento Day 4

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Back to Rome

Two years ago today I wrapped up a solid two weeks of traveling around Europe with my  best friend/travel partner/grandfather. Then, I embarked on my first study abroad experience through Hofstra University's SCO in Rome program and spent a month with adventurous people, exploring different parts of Italy and working with a non-profit organization Shoot… Continue reading Back to Rome


Oz Through Sara’s Eyes: Fiji

Before landing in Australia, I chose to take an additional Pacific studies course at the University of the South Pacific in Suva, Fiji. While there, I stayed with a homestay family with three other AIFS students. We really lucked out and had such a kind and welcoming family. Our “dad” took us to his home… Continue reading Oz Through Sara’s Eyes: Fiji


A Quick Trip to Maryland

Just before my fairly low-key winter break ended, I went on some small getaways: twice to Philadelphia, and once to Maryland. For some reason, I have a deep love for Maryland. I suppose it is because I have had such a wonderful experience every time I’ve been there. I took the drive down to an… Continue reading A Quick Trip to Maryland


Oz: Soaking it Up

The only concerns I had for my last week in Australia were my final exam and soaking up as much of Perth and Fremantle as I could. We take the Mandurah train line to get to and from Perth, but we had never actually been to Mandurah. Some friends and I changed that Monday when… Continue reading Oz: Soaking it Up


Oz: Halfway There

I leave Australia and return to “normal” life in exactly two months from now. How?! I have been here for just over two months and I really do not know where the time went. I often think about what life will be like when I go home. I wonder where I will end up working… Continue reading Oz: Halfway There


Oz: Fremantle Prison Tour

My week can be summarized by the fact that the most exciting thing to happen to me was receiving my external hard drive in the mail. I suppose shopping in Perth with some of my mates and ordering some mushroom and rocket pizza Thursday night should top that. It has been a slow week for… Continue reading Oz: Fremantle Prison Tour