Read to learn my quiz answers

In a year that I’m saying, “Yolo” with my creative side (hence why some of my New Year’s resolutions are to post three times a month on my YouTube channel and post weekly on my blog with no rules about the subject matter), I have decided to say “Yolo” and post something way different on… Continue reading Read to learn my quiz answers


2020: A Life Changing Year

It took me until the day before New Year’s Eve to get my thoughts together. Well, they’re not together, but I am hoping by the end of this post they will be.  Another year has gone by. Wow. And what a year it’s been.  Last year at this time, I had just left my first… Continue reading 2020: A Life Changing Year


It’s the Last Day of July

Congratulations! If you you’re reading this, you have made it through another month of a (somewhat worldwide, mostly United States) pandemic. How exciting! My excitement is actually quite surprising to me, because in my last "It's the" post I said didn’t know when I would write again due to my lack of excitement. I also… Continue reading It’s the Last Day of July