It’s the Last Day of July

Congratulations! If you you’re reading this, you have made it through another month of a (somewhat worldwide, mostly United States) pandemic. How exciting! My excitement is actually quite surprising to me, because in my last "It's the" post I said didn’t know when I would write again due to my lack of excitement. I also… Continue reading It’s the Last Day of July


Thoughts on Taylor Swift’s New Album “folklore”

In case you haven’t heard, Taylor Swift surprised fans Thursday morning with a new album announcement. I immediately freaked out and wrote about it, but I knew there was no way I would stay up until midnight to listen, considering my lack of sleep from the night before. However, my excitement got the best of… Continue reading Thoughts on Taylor Swift’s New Album “folklore”


Entertainment News Rundown: July 23

Thursday was an enormous day in the entertainment world. Between surprise music, new content, an engagement and more, fans around the globe were exuding excitement for their respective celebrity idols. There was so much going on, I thought I should commemorate the busy day by putting it all down in one post. Let’s dive in.… Continue reading Entertainment News Rundown: July 23