2018: Work Hard, but Play Harder

2016 was all about traveling. 2017 was all about learning to take a break. 2018, I decided, was about pushing myself to my limits and proving that I did not graduate from college for nothing. At the beginning of 2018, I had no idea what was in store for me. I had no plans to… Continue reading 2018: Work Hard, but Play Harder


Good Eats: Fort Lauderdale

Something I believe in is that a good vacay requires good food. Luckily, I can always count on my dad to find the juiciest steaks, freshest seafood and best sushi joints around, and our trip to Fort Lauderdale was no different. For three nights and three and a half days, my dad and I found… Continue reading Good Eats: Fort Lauderdale


A Quick Trip to Fort Lauderdale, Florida

There are very few things I like more than the beach and spending time with my dad, so when he suggested a quick getaway to Florida after the semester ended, I was all for it. Two days after graduation, my dad and I jetted out of Atlantic City International Airport and within a few hours,… Continue reading A Quick Trip to Fort Lauderdale, Florida