Steamboat, Colorado: Good Eats

Well Steamboat, you have been good to me. Three days of nearly perfect weather, great snow coverage and beautiful times have come and gone, but the memories live on (thanks to my new Steamboat apparel…kidding). The only thing I have left to do is talk about the food. You know I can’t go on a… Continue reading Steamboat, Colorado: Good Eats

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Back to Rome: Weekend Trip to Sorrento Day 3

Swimming, boating and the beach — my favorite things! We arrived at Positano Saturday morning, a cliffside village lined with narrow streets and cute boutiques and cafes. Upon our arrival, we rented a boat to take us to a prime cliff-jumping and swimming area around the corner. The boat took us to the spot, and… Continue reading Back to Rome: Weekend Trip to Sorrento Day 3


Frisco, Colorado: Good Eats

Food is a key ingredient to a fantastic vacation. Here are some of the yummy tastes I got to enjoy during my time in Frisco. Night One: Besides the skiing, something we really look forward to about Frisco is the incredible sushi joint called Kemosabe. It’s a small place that does not take reservations, so… Continue reading Frisco, Colorado: Good Eats


Fiji: Tavuni Hill Fort

I thought we were all just stopping for lunch at a small café, but off the highway and up a dirt hill lay a historical site: Tavuni Hill Fort. Upon arrival, we were greeted by a smiling Fijian woman. She let us know that she would be taking us to the fort to explain to… Continue reading Fiji: Tavuni Hill Fort

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Park City, Utah: Good Eats

No vacation is complete without some fantastic food, so I wanted to give you a small taste of the good eats I was fortunate enough to have during my stay here in Park City: Night One: Dad and I were recommended to a few places, so we headed down to the old Park City via… Continue reading Park City, Utah: Good Eats