Oz: Soaking it Up

The only concerns I had for my last week in Australia were my final exam and soaking up as much of Perth and Fremantle as I could. We take the Mandurah train line to get to and from Perth, but we had never actually been to Mandurah. Some friends and I changed that Monday when… Continue reading Oz: Soaking it Up


Oz: Halfway There

I leave Australia and return to “normal” life in exactly two months from now. How?! I have been here for just over two months and I really do not know where the time went. I often think about what life will be like when I go home. I wonder where I will end up working… Continue reading Oz: Halfway There


Oz: Fremantle Prison Tour

My week can be summarized by the fact that the most exciting thing to happen to me was receiving my external hard drive in the mail. I suppose shopping in Perth with some of my mates and ordering some mushroom and rocket pizza Thursday night should top that. It has been a slow week for… Continue reading Oz: Fremantle Prison Tour


Oz: First Week of Classes

I have officially made it through the first week of classes here at Murdoch University. I knew I was psyching myself out before they began, but I definitely was not prepared to have so much work to do even after one day of classes. I will definitely be friends with the library this semester. The… Continue reading Oz: First Week of Classes


Australia: Two Weeks in & Still Alive

I cannot believe I have been living in Australia for almost two weeks and school starts tomorrow. However, I thought I would have started school by now and did not realize I would have 12 days to adjust before classes commence, so I am not complaining. The last two weeks have been such a cool… Continue reading Australia: Two Weeks in & Still Alive


Australia: Digeridoo Lesson

After a nice Saturday morning work out, I hopped on the bus to Freo with Brian and Nicole for a didgeridoo lesson. Didgeridoos are wooden instruments that one blows into by vibrating the lips together and sealing the mouthpiece entirely. Surprisingly, these instruments are not native to the indigenous people here and came around once… Continue reading Australia: Digeridoo Lesson


Australia: My First Beach Trip and Night Out

This week had its ups and downs, but there was nothing but sunshine in sight for Friday. Instead of all international students, there was a short two-hour orientation solely for study abroad and exchange students at Murdoch. Brodie and Athira, the other woman in charge of exchange students, went over academic information, gave us some… Continue reading Australia: My First Beach Trip and Night Out


Australia: Murdoch University Orientation

Now this is the orientation I was waiting for! After a village orientation that left us AIFS students still with many questions, we spent nine hours on Murdoch University’s campus in various information sessions that answered almost all of our thoughts. We talked to other Americans who came together through their school, and they seemed… Continue reading Australia: Murdoch University Orientation


Australia: The First Day

I woke up quite early the first morning in Australia, just as I had been waking up early in Fiji. I guess the time change has really been messing with my body, as I easily pass out by 10 p.m. and sleep like a baby until early the next morning. However, I have been this… Continue reading Australia: The First Day


Fiji: Market and Gifts

After two days and five lectures, Saturday came and it was time to take our exam.  About an hour of writing and a hand ache later, we were done. The rest of the afternoon was spent in the city, which is the main part of town with shops and eateries right around the corner from… Continue reading Fiji: Market and Gifts