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CA to NJ: To take the best play or the smart play?

Taking chances makes me nervous. It makes a lot of us feel uneasy. Why choose something that might not work out over something stable? Why risk anything? The only answer that I have is life is full of risks, and that’s part of the thrill. Some work out, and some don’t, but as long as… Continue reading CA to NJ: To take the best play or the smart play?

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CA to NJ: I’m headed home

Sept. 12, 2020 My best flow of thought and writing comes when I’m on airplanes, but even now, on my way to Los Angeles, it’s difficult to think of the words to say.   Let me start with this: I did not think when I picked up a freelance writing gig in early August it would… Continue reading CA to NJ: I’m headed home

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Los Angeles: Wrapped Up

My visit to Los Angeles was a special networking trip through the Hofstra University Lawrence Herbert School of Communications. It was a “business trip,” if I may. We met a wide range of professionals from many well-known companies in the entertainment industry, learned a lot about where we see ourselves in the professional world and… Continue reading Los Angeles: Wrapped Up

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Goodbye Los Angeles!

That’s a wrap folks! Seven days of networking and two days of sightseeing have come and gone like a glimpse of a shooting star. Soon we will head to classes and get back to normal life, but I think we all will have an underlying twinkle within us, knowing how lucky we are to have… Continue reading Goodbye Los Angeles!

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LA Day 5: A Small World

All I can say after the alumni panel of recent Hofstra graduates held at Emerson College we attended is that I am #shook. Not only did they give genuine advice for people wanting to move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in entertainment, they seemed very serious about being there for us if we… Continue reading LA Day 5: A Small World