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Cross Country Road Trip: Colorado

June 9, 2019 After driving through some more farmland, Pop Pop and I finally found some new landscape: mountains! As we drove northwest to Fort Collins, we got closer and closer to the Rocky Mountains. For Collins is apparently located in the foothills of the Rockies. I was super excited to finally experience Fort Collins… Continue reading Cross Country Road Trip: Colorado


Oz: A Weekend for the (Scrap) Books

I would not have started my last full weekend in Australia any other way than having a huge pile of chocolate chip pancakes drenched with Nutella and syrup. I am so going to miss my Friday mornings filled with my favorite breakfast food and the kind folks who prepare it. I spent my Friday afternoon… Continue reading Oz: A Weekend for the (Scrap) Books


Oz: Weekend Whereabouts

Another beautiful weekend in Straya is down in the books. Friday began with of course, a fantastic pancake breakfast. I had a few too many, but I had to eat enough to cover the pancake-less two Fridays that are in my near future. I spent Friday relaxing and chatting by the pool with Nicole and… Continue reading Oz: Weekend Whereabouts


Oz: Sculpture by the Sea

My roommate’s birthday was Sunday, and I definitely did not want her sitting home all day. So, Sierra (my roommate), Nicole and I traveled to Cottesloe beach. This time, it was for Sculpture by the Sea. This is exactly what it sounds like: many, many sculptures on the beach and the surrounding pathways for all… Continue reading Oz: Sculpture by the Sea


Fall Concert Series: Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood has the most effortless voice in the world. You won't catch me listening to country music very often, but Carrie is an exception to all the laws of the universe. Honestly, she might not even be human; she is more like an angel. I recall my nine-year-old self watching Carrie on American Idol and rooting… Continue reading Fall Concert Series: Carrie Underwood


Fall Concert Series: Charlie Puth

My boss: “I am going to the Charlie Puth concert, too.” Me: “OMG, I love him!” My boss: “So does my thirteen-year-old daughter.”’ That is what pop-music does. Its mainstream and general appeal attracts people of all ages to the artists. I attended Charlie Puth’s We Don’t Talk Tour and fan-girled just as much as the… Continue reading Fall Concert Series: Charlie Puth


Fall Concert Series: Fetty Wap

I still can’t believe Hofstra University hired Fetty Wap to perform for its annual Fall Fest. Fall Fest weekend is a weekend for family, friends and alumni to gather together and celebrate. Hofstra packs Saturday and Sunday with sporting events, tours, talks on special topics and more for all visitors. The main event is the actual… Continue reading Fall Concert Series: Fetty Wap


Fall Concert Series: Alessia Cara

I drove four hours through a rainy night to see a pop concert, and it was well worth it. I wanted to see Alessia Cara in concert as soon as I heard her song, “Here.” I totally related to her experience in the song: being at a party, but wishing she were somewhere else spending… Continue reading Fall Concert Series: Alessia Cara