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Turks and Caicos: Beach Hopping

The first day in Turks and Caicos took us all over the island. There are stunning beaches and vistas throughout the island, and with the use of the internet and recommendations from people around the resort, we set off to find them. Princess Alexandria National Park Our first stop of the day took us to… Continue reading Turks and Caicos: Beach Hopping

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Why People are Fabricating their Vacations

This is a friendly reminder to not compare yourself to others. We are all guilty of it to some degree, whether it’s about worrying how fast you graduate from college compared to your classmates, your income, where you live or even how quickly you can get married and have kids. A new concern being added… Continue reading Why People are Fabricating their Vacations

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The 10 Most Dangerous Countries for Women and Why

It’s no news that women are continuously pushing their boundaries in work, social and personal settings. With a healthy and ever-growing base of female travel bloggers, it also seems that they are bulldozing through travel limits as well. A recent study by Allianz Global Assistance, though, shows that women still face many obstacles when it’s… Continue reading The 10 Most Dangerous Countries for Women and Why

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Most People Have Not Traveled Alone for Leisure; Here’s Why

Travel influencers and bloggers often make solo travel look picturesque, with scenic photos of their backs turned to the camera, sitting on a huge cliff overlooking a deep blue ocean and cloudless skies. However, to the general population, traveling solo might be a daunting task, according to a new survey by Allianz Global Assistance. Of… Continue reading Most People Have Not Traveled Alone for Leisure; Here’s Why


Advice from Someone Who is Done with School Forever

Last year I urged people to explore the unknown, work relentlessly towards their goals and to never forget to have fun. That was after I completed my bachelor’s degree at Hofstra University. Now, I have finished the master’s portion of my education, and I am officially done with school forever (insert long breath of relief… Continue reading Advice from Someone Who is Done with School Forever

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Los Angeles: Wrapped Up

My visit to Los Angeles was a special networking trip through the Hofstra University Lawrence Herbert School of Communications. It was a “business trip,” if I may. We met a wide range of professionals from many well-known companies in the entertainment industry, learned a lot about where we see ourselves in the professional world and… Continue reading Los Angeles: Wrapped Up

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Goodbye Los Angeles!

That’s a wrap folks! Seven days of networking and two days of sightseeing have come and gone like a glimpse of a shooting star. Soon we will head to classes and get back to normal life, but I think we all will have an underlying twinkle within us, knowing how lucky we are to have… Continue reading Goodbye Los Angeles!

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LA Day 9: That’s a Wrap!

Our final da in L.A. was the perfect combination of networking and fun. We started the day off at one of ABC’s lots, where we received an in-depth analysis of how they marketed and created content for The Bachelor. They said that they create a lot of content in-house, and I feel like that definitely… Continue reading LA Day 9: That’s a Wrap!

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LA Day 8: Networking Day into Night

On our sixth day of networking the professionals gave to me…more knowledge! We started off the rainiest day yet at one of the top four talent agencies in L.A., ICM,  although it looked like an art museum instead. We met with a Hofstra alumnus who has been a talent agent there for seven years. He… Continue reading LA Day 8: Networking Day into Night

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LA Day 7: Life Lessons Learned

I stayed on Earth today, but that does not mean day five of networking was any less than incredible. The first meeting was with the senior vice president of the Gaumont Film Company, a French-established film studio, and her colleagues. Besides just telling us how they got to where they are and tips abut the… Continue reading LA Day 7: Life Lessons Learned