New Year Resolutions Check-in – Did I fulfill them?

Hey everyone and happy 2022! I cannot believe that 2021 is gone and behind us, which is exactly what I say in the below video.

Usually, I write some sappy post to ring in the new year and talk about an overarching theme I felt of the year in regard to what I learned and experienced. However, as I say in my video, I feel like 2021 went by in a flash and I am not entirely sure what to say about it besides that I know I continued living my life to the fullest while being mindful about my dreams and aspirations.

in lieu of that sappy post, I decided to simply do a New Year’s Resolutions check-in. Last year, I made myself a hearty list of goals to reach by 2022. As the story often goes, some were hit while others slipped away.

Take a look with me here, and as always, thanks to anyone who finds my life worth reading about! Wishing you a new year full of good health, good times, and good people!


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