Workin’ Girl

The title of this post may be misleading; I have always been a working girl. I was lucky enough to be employed during the entire pandemic and I was once again lucky to find the perfect work-from-home writing job amid the pandemic after applying to dozens of jobs in 2020.

In my last post, I said I had one more update to share ­— and it’s that I once again have a new job. I never ever would have expected to be starting new jobs in 2019, 2020, and 2021, but you never know in what direction life is going to pull you. As I say time and time again, opportunities are meant for taking. This new job was basically hit into my head with a baseball bat, and I couldn’t not take it. 

My career has been unbelievable, in my opinion. I started my professional career working at my dream company right out of college. Then, amid the pandemic and the uncertainty of not knowing if I would be required to work in person in Los Angeles (and therefore not knowing if I should renew my lease or not), I made the hard decision to look for a new job. My writing gig at Nicki Swift came at the perfect time. I was able to write about entertainment news from New Jersey and continue living near my friends and family. What a dream!

I had no plans on leaving Nicki Swift, just like I originally had no plans to leave ET after working there for only just over a year. But in most industries, networking is key, and I was fortunate enough to have someone think highly enough of me to recommend me for a job at the US Sun. I found out about the job on a Tuesday and had a new job by that Friday. 

I feel nothing short of thankful and absolutely lucky that somehow the universe brought this job to me, and my goal is to make the best impression I can, because I finally feel like I’ve made it as a journalist.  I am now a lifestyle reporter getting to write about TikTok hacks and dating horror stories, and life can’t get much better than that. 

My first week went super well, as did my second. Well, besides the fact that my background check is still ongoing and the folks in charge told me they still cannot verify two of my prior jobs. I trained at The Sun’s office in New York City for a week and got to stay in Jersey City with my second cousin who was nice enough to let me crash at his apartment (which has a killer view of Manhattan) for the week. Now I am back to working at home for the majority of the foreseeable future, although I will be in NYC every few weeks. My co-workers are super nice and I feel like I transitioned well. 

Life comes at you fast, but it’s always important to take an opportunity. So, let’s hope all goes well, because if it does, I can see myself being here for a long time!


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