I’m Baaaaaack

“Until next week!” really changed to until next season … oops. But that’s what happens when you’re living life. I’ll let you in on a secret: I knew I was going to stop posting on my blog — and I am okay with it. I’ve said on here before that I hate setting goals for myself and then not sticking to them — especially when I do it publicly. However, the bigger thing is to get your priorities straight, and I began having to choose between living life or writing about it, and I would rather do the former. 

If you follow my blog, you’ll know I only posted artist interviews and entertainment news on here during the summer of 2021, but in terms of my life, I went silent, and boy have things changed! Without further ado, here’s an unrequested update on my life. 

Summer Memories 

You know how much I like summer and you know how excited I was to live my summer to its fullest; it was Sara’s Single Summer of Fun after all, wasn’t it? If you asked me what I did this summer, I would simply answer that I went to the beach, went to the bar, and hung out with friends. Because that’s what I did. But when I think about the specifics, it is honestly all such a blur. I was constantly on the go and I was constantly doing something; although I have to admit the seriously weird weather this summer threw off a lot of my plans (mostly beach days), so that was beyond frustrating. The reason I post so much on Instagram is because I have such a bad memory, but with just digging in my brain, these are probably the highlights of summer:

  • I had four friends from college visit for a weekend (over three different weekends)
  • My dad finally got his commodore’s party at the yacht club
  • I had a lot of fun movie and karaoke nights at my friend’s house at the start of summer
  • I ate at a decent amount of new local places (became somewhat of a regular at Burger 25, tried Grits & Grace, tried the Four Seasons diner, ate at Park Seafood for the first time…)
  • I went sailing with my Pop Pop 
  • I spent more time with my dad’s best friends and their kids than I have since I was a kid, which was cool
  • Went to a music festival
  • Went on a quick trip to Florida with my dad

Okay, so maybe I don’t have that bad of a memory. However, I literally just remembered that I started DoorDashing, and that’s another reason why summer was such a blur.

Workin’ 9 to 2 (am)

Another thing that had summer flying by was the fact that I picked up another job: DoorDash. I am constantly worried about money. Always have been, always will be (for a lot of reasons that are better for a therapist to hear, not random folks on the internet). Anyway, my friend spoke so highly of DoorDashing, and I was worried that my social life was getting a bit expensive. Like I said in my last post about my life, my life went from 10 to 100 real fast!

So I signed up and have been able to use my DoorDash money to fund my social life since May. How much of a win is that?! I did DoorDash a lot though, and that’s because I used my friend’s promo link which meant that if I made a certain about of deliveries within a certain time frame, I would get a monetary bonus and so would she. So, I will admit DoorDash ruled my summer nights for a little bit, but in the end, it was worth it, because I was able to take financial stress off my shoulders and still live a super socially active life. I will also admit that DoorDash has slowed down since summer vanished due to a combination of lower demand and lower drive on my part to, well, drive. But regardless, it has been a helpful tool for me. 

Sara’s Summer was Not Single

I left one thing out in my summer memory list above: falling for my wonderful boyfriend. Oops. It’s truly mind boggling to me, because I was so content living my life for me and spending endless amounts of time with my friends. I was truly so happy to be by myself after giving my love to someone who threw it out — but they say it happens when you least expect it. I’m going to save all the really cute details because I don’t like writing too much about my love life (for now), but I had to throw this in there since it’s still so unbelievable to me. *insert shrug emoji here*

So there’s actually one more huge curveball that came my way once summer was over … but this post is long enough. I’ll fill you in on the details soon!


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