Interview: Donnie Visa releases “Legendary”

By: Sara Whitman | October 8, 2021

Up and coming rapper, singer, and songwriter Donnie Visa is back with some new beats. The Carolina native released “Legendary” on September 17 and fans are surely cheering the singer’s catchphrase, “Approved!” The song illuminates Donnie Visa’s unique vocal style and lyrical genius as he encourages listeners to go after their dreams and manifest their versions of success. The accompanying music video shows Donnie Visa exploring the Big Apple and performing to a satisfied crowd. If there’s one thing to take away from Donnie Visa and his new single, it’s that he expects himself — and his fans — to be nothing less than “Legendary.” To learn more about Donnie Visa, check out his interview with Sarawhitmanythoughts below.

Sarawhitmanythoughts: Congrats on the new single. What was the inspiration behind “Legendary”?
Donnie Visa: Thanks! I just the thought of being “Legendary,” chasing my dreams and choosing my own path. 

SW: Speaking of being legendary, where did you get your catchphrase, “Approved!”?

DV: Approved is a positive meaning like when you want something in life, you wanna be approved and never denied. 

SW: Your stage name is definitely approved by your fans. How did you decide on it?

 DV: Donnie Visa was a nickname I gave myself. 

SW: Bringing it back to your music, do you have anything coming up after this release?

 DV: Yes, I’m currently working on the “Approved Way 3” mixtape. Also, a lot more videos and content on the way. 

SW: How has being from a small country town influenced you as a budding artist?

DV: It gave me that substance in my music. That meaning and feeling comes from where I was raised and my experiences. 

SW: If you could describe your music to someone who has never heard it, how would you describe it for them? 

DV: Something different, the vibe you need, the sound you’ve been looking for, it’s approved. 

SW: If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be and why?

 DV: Lil Wayne, he’s the GOAT for real. 

SW: What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from the music industry that you carry with you? 

DV: The business is more important than the music. Always have your business together.  


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