Noah Singer talks his new single “Sunrise,” balancing his passions, and future plans

Noah Singer started making his own music in 2020, and used his spare time during the pandemic to create his debut studio album, “Journey.” Now, he’s back with a brand new single, which he created while juggling law school.

By: Sara Whitman | August 13, 2021

Noah Singer, a budding singer-songwriter from Florida, has released a new single titled “Sunrise.” The track marks the singer’s return to music since his debut album, “Journey,” dropped in November 2020.

“I’ve been able to finally finish up some stuff … and I’m really excited to get it out,” Singer said about “Sunrise.” He had been working on the new tune for about a year before he felt it was ready to hit streaming services, but the length of his journey to “Sunrise” isn’t a result of being overly critical of himself — Singer is in law school at The Charleston School of Law in South Carolina.

Photo credit: Julie Bailey (@julesgetsgroovy)

Singer seems to be a real-life Troy Bolton, as many millennials would say. Like the famous Disney character, he’s a natural athlete (he played football for Tulane University before becoming a student assistant for the team) and has an affinity for music. While an aspiring musician, Singer is studying to become a judge, as he one day hopes to have a positive impact on America’s legal system. “I’ve always been very interested in the law and being involved in the legal system and trying to improve it,” he said, emphasizing that he truly wants to improve it. 

While Singer sees his music as a hobby that comes second to his studies and future career, he is quite passionate about honing his creative side. “I love music. I love just everything that has to go with just being a creative and being able to write music all day and doing that kind of stuff instead of reading 1,000 page textbooks,” he said. “But, you know, law is also something that’s near and dear to me.” He added that he would love to pursue music professionally, teasing that “anybody that makes music would be crazy to say they don’t wanna make it in music.” For now, though, he is sticking with the “realistic plans” of pursuing law, a dream he’s had since he was 10 years old. 

When Singer is not studying (for up to 10 hours a day), he writes his own songs in his apartment. “I have a little recording studio in the corner of my closest of my apartment, and that’s kinda where I make everything. I have my little keyboard and my plugins and all the fun stuff,” he said. “Sunrise” was written by Singer with J Grooves and Cameron Dietz — who worked on a number of songs for his debut album — serving as producer and executive producer, respectively.

“Sunrise” is a positive, uplifting song about making it through a rough patch in your relationship and being there for your partner through the good and bad times. “It is encouraging them to just look forward to the next day, so they can be at their best,” Singer explained of the song. The single has mellow, comforting vibes that can easily help someone’s worries melt away — especially with lyrics like, “Everything will be real fine / And you can shine real bright.”

Singer said “Sunrise” is a single “for now,” but teased that he does have a few more songs in the works. In fact, he revealed he’s dipping his toes into the country genre with his next single. “You know, I wanna be able to do whatever genre I wanna do on whatever day and come out with it, and see if people enjoy that,” he said. “And if they do, l’ll make more of it.”

Check out Singer’s new single here and see the full interview with him below.


2 thoughts on “Noah Singer talks his new single “Sunrise,” balancing his passions, and future plans”

  1. Wow! What a combination-athletics, music and the law-particularly with strong aspirations to improve the legal system. I’ll be interested to see the progress in his multi-faceted career!

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