Soleil calls out love with new song “Loves to Blame”

Miami-based singer/songwriter Soleil is back with a brand new single, and this time, she’s calling love out. The song, titled “Loves to Blame,” which she co-wrote with James Murphy and Mitch Cantor, talks about what happens when you find that special someone. 

“When you’re into someone, you start accommodating your life, so that you can fit the other person into your schedule,” Soleil said. “You think about that person often, and at some point, you want to make it official. These are all things that we can blame on love.” Soleil purposely placed “love,” a happy emotional word, next to “blame,” a word with a generally negative connotation, together in the title for a clever juxtaposition. 

Photo Credit: Lea Grandvalet Studer (@imagemephotography)

Soleil released “Loves to Blame” with an accompanying music video, which shows off her fun, flirtatious side as she bounces around a brightly lit house in colorful outfits gushing about the person who is stealing her heart. “Day and night / you’re on my mind / your love’s to blame,” she sings while smiling in bed. The video, along with the song’s loved-up lyrics and poppy, vibrant music, evokes an emotion of true bliss that one feels when they surrender themselves to love.

Soleil’s “Loves to Blame” follows a string of singles released by the smooth vocalist in 2021. It’s a stark contrast to her recent song, “Noise,” which is a dark, chilling tune that shows off Soleil’s deep, jazzy voice. “Loves to Blame” is yet another example of Soleil’s versatility, which allows her to sing notes across a range of genres. Watch “Loves to Blame” below.


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