I’m ready for summer

Well, it’s officially summer. Not technically — summer starts in a few days — but as far as I’m concerned, summer is here (and has been here since May 1). The weather hasn’t been completely perfect in June, but I have used every day off of work to soak up the sun as much as I can. It’s been a whirlwind the last few weeks. I’ve been on the boat, at the beach, and seeing friends as much as possible. For me, I know when I lived my weekend well when I wake up for work on Tuesday (that is my Monday) still exhausted from the sun and fun I had the last few days.

My summer is basically on a roll from here on out. Last Friday, I stayed overnight in Atlantic City with a friend from college and his buddies. That Saturday, I had two parties to attend and ran on four hours of sleep. Sunday I enjoyed a slightly chilly boat day, but that’s alright. We still got out there and jumped in the water! I have plans every weekend through the end of July, and I am ready for it. The fact that we’re “back to normal” following the pandemic is giving me extra zest to live life to the fullest this summer, and as you can tell, it’s already happening. 

I love the summer months. I call them my thriving months for a reason. They’re full of everything I mentioned above, and then some — and that’s exactly how I want it. I’m even going to a beach festival this summer and I am beyond stoked for that. I have no real update here, besides that these last few weeks have flown by, and I’m already sad because I know summer will do the same. But, I’ll squeeze every last second of enjoyment out of it that I can.

Until next week!


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