Soleil releases chilling single “Noise”

Soleil is back with her third single of 2021. This time, she’s showing off her vocal range in “Noise,” a slow, moody song with a chilling storyline. The song is also accompanied by an emotional music video co-creative directed by the Miami-based singer-songwriter.

“Noise” is a complete 180 from Soleil’s previous two singles, which were upbeat and could get a listener dancing, or at least bopping their head to the beat. Her new song is better for driving aimlessly at night singing one’s heart out as they face their sorrows. “Noise” tells the story of a man who is longing for his significant other to come home. As he thinks about his girlfriend, he notices someone in his bathroom and pulls the trigger of a gun out of fright, only to find out the person behind the door is not who he expected it to be. The vulnerable song displays Soleil’s vocal range in a powerful, raw way.

Photo credit: Lea Grandvalet Studer (@imagemephotography)

Soleil wrote “Noise” in response to a troubling event that happened near her. “At the time of writing ‘Noise,’ I was a bystander to a crime scene; I was recording in a place down the street of the crime scene when I learned about the crime,” she explained. “The husband killed his wife and tried to bury her in the backyard. The whole situation really shook me, and led me to writing ‘Noise.'”

Soleil also pulled inspiration from singer-songwriter Brent Faiyaz and another real life crime story for “Noise.” “I heard Brent Faiyaz’s ‘Natural Release’ and the twist in the story was captivating. Once we started writing the song, it needed a twist. I thought of the Oscar Pistorius story and took it from there,” she said. Oscar Pistorius is a former paralympian who killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in 2013, per Radio Times

In her March 2021 interview with Sarawhitmanythoughts, Soleil said she wants “people to be able to feel something” with her music. “Noise,” along with its ominous music video and Soleil’s dulcet tones, will definitely have people in their feels. See the music video for “Noise” below.  


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  1. ‘reminds me of the words in the song (Hey Won’t You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song” which is an American country and pop song made famous by B.J. Thomas. It won the 1976 Grammy Award for Best Country Song, awarded to its songwriters, Larry Butler and Chips Moman.

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